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Niche Blogging


Niche Blogging

“Straight to the point videos” –  a student said inside our Niche Blogging Nigeria group, a free group which i had setup a few weeks ago training people for free how to get started blogging profitably.

Now, I am taking it a step further to show you, the niche i run, how i run it, How i bank over $10,000+ monthlyand other bonuses for a paltry sum which is equivalent to about 5 rubbers of Ijebu Garri .

What is contained inside this 4 Types of Niches training Masterclass!

  • - 7 Videos of How to Easily start your Blog
  • - 4 Niches that can generate +1000$ Monthly
  • - How to professionally write SEO content for these Niches
  • - How to Rotate Old post and remain SEO Complaint
  • - Getting Free Stock Images to Match these Niches
  • - Step by Step how to write evergreen contents

At the end of this training, you should be able to setup a blog for a particular niche that could earn as high as $1000+ Monthly.


  1. - How to Prevent Adsense Ads-Limit on your blog
  2. - How to remove ads limit in less than 48hours
  3. - How to Setup TikTok Account for Traffic
  4. - Plug-in to rotate posts
  5. - Plug-in to spread traffic across multiple pages to reduce limitation

This training is newbie-friendly as it also contains starter videos to teach you niche blogging from scratch, and takes it a step further to show you the types of niches that are most profitable.

This offer is the cheapest you can ever get anywhere, i will use same method i employed in teaching over 3,600 bloggers in the Niche Blogging Nigeria group to teach and expand your knowledge on Niche Blogging and being profitable at it.