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NFT Trading Training


Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) have exploded onto the scene with astronomical market values. But you might be wondering what they even are and if you should get involved.

NFTs are digital assets that are stored on a cryptocurrency blockchain. They are like cryptocurrency wallets, but instead of storing a wallet balance, they store a unique asset. The asset could be digital art, music or anything that can be linked to or stored on a blockchain. 

This opens exciting possibilities for artists in particular because they can make money directly from their fans, instead of having to go through middlemen.

Knowing about NFT Today, is like knowing when Bitcoin was just $10 (Ten Dollars Only)

What will you learn when you get this course?

  • Introduction 
  • What are NFT
  • Fungible and NonFungible fully explained 
  • Difference between coin and token
  • How does NFT work
  • Different types of NFT
  • Royalties on Future sales
  • Collectibles
  • What can we do with NFT
  • Key characteristics of NFT
  • How to make NFT’s
  • Promising Future uses of NFT
  • How to Market NFT
  • How to sell your NFT
  • Where to sell NFT
  • NFT Minting 
  • Popular NFT Project 
  • Full process on How to get Whitelisted on great NFT project 
  • A-Z on NFT