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Learn Photography


The Photography course is one of the robust course in Africa, it focuses on training and educating new people on how to start up a photograph industry worldwide and be a self independent entrepreneur and a professional photography In all aspects of Photography.


What you'll learn

: Exploring the menu bar 
: Introducing the tool bar 
: Understanding the options bar 
: Uswing palettes 
: Getting help 
: Using the history palettes
: Working with selections 
: What are selections, and why arew thwey useful? 
: Creating selections using the marquee tool 
: The lasso tool 
: The magic wand and quick selections tool 
: Adding to or deleting from selections 
: Cropping and rotating an image 
: Saving and loading selections 
: Fixing problem images 
: Using levels to fix tone range
: Using curves to fix contrast 
: The clone stamp and healing tools 
: Shadow and highlight adjustments 
: Fixing color with variations 
: Hue and saturation controls 
: Transforming a selection 
: Blurring and sharpening filters
: Layer Basics 
: About layers 
: Using the layers panel 
: Rearranging layers 
: Applying a gradient to a layer 
: Applying a layer style 
: Layers and selections 
: The transform commands 
: Building layered compositions 
: Merging layers 
: Applying transparency 
: Basic layer blending modes 
: Adding text layers
: Adjustment layers 
: Layer masks
: Correcting and enhancing digital photographs 
: About camera raw
: Processing files in camera raw 
: Merging exposures and applying advanced color correction 
: Correcting digital photographs in photoshop 
: Correcting image distortion 
: Adding Depth of Field 
: Masks and channels 
: Working with masks and channels 
: Getting started 
: Creating a mask 
: Refining a mask 
: Creating a quick mask 
: Manipulating an image with puppet warp 
: Working with channels 
: Typographic Designs 
: About type 
: Getting started 
: Using paths and the pen tool 
: Getting started 
: Using paths and the pen tool 
: Getting started 
: Using paths with artworks 
: Creating vector objects for the background 
: Working with defined custom shapes 
: Importing a smart object 
: Preparing to publish
: Printing Basics 
: Optimizing images for the web 
: Using save for web and devices

How long will this Class take? 
This class will take minimum of 2 months, we will be available to take you by hand till and after you achieve success .

Where will these classes hold?

This classes will hold online and offline for those living around the city of Abuja  where we will guide, support and even help you setup where-necessary that you find issues.

How Much will i be able to make learning  photography?

photography is one of the high in demand services in our world today. People want professional photography service’s and would pay any amount to looking good in a photography and your excellent services  in photography can promote itself making you an income of about $200 - $500 monthly.

Can anyone do this?  How much time do i need?

Making money is addictive, at first it may cost you a lot of time and labour, but with all discipline and consistent you should be able find it fun and easy to comprehend fully  . A newbie can do this as far as you have a laptop.

This course is "incredible value for money!" 

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WTA Certificate of Completion Ready for Download

Lifetime Access to course updates

Fast & Friendly Support in making sure you’re successful and profitable as a Photographer   

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