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Presently, the world is changing, and so are the skills that businesses and people need to succeed. It doesn't matter if you are in a career or unemployed, Waptutors Academy enables you to explore new tech career paths without having to worry about past experience. We can guide you into your next career journey with proper digital skills testing, training and career support.

Waptutors Academy is an impact-focused in-demand skills education platform for individuals who want to learn to work online, build successful careers and live life on their own terms.

Whether you are entering the job market as a newbie or finding a new career, we will provide you with various online training courses to support you to make your dream a reality.

Our courses are expertly designed with well-detailed lesson plans and our student testimonials all attest to the fact that we take great pride in our course offerings and provide only the best for our students.

We offer a broad range of online on-demand training courses and we envisioned a lot more for our students. Our training courses come with training video tutorials inside and access to WhatsApp contact, phone and email, WhatsApp groups of the facilitator where necessary.

Waptutors Academy offers students the ability to study anytime and anywhere. We provide various courses, training, services and products from reputable facilitators who are successful in their crafts, as they educate you via videos on how things are done, you are added to their WhatsApp groups, Private chats, a follow-up on WhatsApp, Email and phone. Students are given the opportunity to converse with the course facilitators directly, not only will they learn from our training courses, but they will also be properly mentored and guided.

People often dream of pursuing a degree or certification but never find the time to follow through. We are aware that life gets busy, and that is why our students have access to our courses and they can study them anywhere while still working. Our courses/training can be assessed via a PC, mobile phone or tablet; this implies that you can learn anywhere you go.

Once students gain access to our courses, they are offered up to date subject information for a lifetime! The video tutorials are updated easily, students are easily notified via SMS, email, Telegram and WhatsApp Groups about changes. You also get success digests in your email.

Learn with Confidence

Our students’ reputation matters a lot, which is why all of our online courses/training has been reviewed and certified in partnership with qualified industry experts. Our courses and training are complete, each training course is packed with well-detailed tutorials to enable a newbie to understand what it entails, and access to the tutor directly to further ask questions where necessary.
We carefully selected top experts to get their course listed, and made sure these courses were worth the prices.

Our Mission

  • To provide training in real-time standards and aid students achieve their true potential.
  • Digital literacy programs for everyone to grow together and reduce the digital and economic divide
  • To closely work with academicians who have immense interest in Digital Marketing Research to create material that benefits the industry.
  • To help people acquire the necessary digital/online skills they need to build wealth and live a well-fulfilled life.

We have researched and found out that the reason lots of people in Nigeria and Africa as a whole live below the poverty line is not because of the absence of education but rather the absence of practical skills that can create wealth. We are focused on online/digital skills because the future is already digital and that is why we are passionate about helping numerous African's and businesses with the necessary Digital skills required for wealth creation.

Our Vision

Our vision is to establish the largest collections of online/digital skills resources and research opportunities that can benefit the Nigerian and African digital industry.

Our Value

We value each and every penny a student spends on learning, be it an e-book purchase, video tutorials or e-learning. So we set a scope on understanding the individual needs, we respect the views of all our students, we provide academic integrity, our courses have been stress tested, and risk management strategies are appropriately in place and we create an unconstrained spirit of research, rationality and action.

Our Approach

The Academy was established with love, support, care and success at heart, students have ultimate access to their Facilitators via email, Phone, WhatsApp and various channels. Our aim is to transform individuals and businesses by strengthening their capabilities and competencies through a reliable tailor-made training plan. Our approach to achieving this is by committing ourselves to provide wide-range of training and interactive sessions built upon recognizing best practices across every aspect of workforce improvement.

We aim to provide an opportunity for Nigerians and other African countries to adapt to the new realities of work. We will guide you through remote work tools, teach you new skills, and ultimately empower you to build a successful career.

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