Learn High Demand Online Wealth Creation Skills with the Waptutors Academy.

Discounted Trainings

From time to time the Waptutors releases discounted trainings to help Corp members, high school leavers and anyone looking at trying our basic trainings..

Training Courses

The following training courses comes with training video tutorials inside and access to whatsapp contact, phone and email, whatsapp groups of the facilitator where necessary.

Why We Are Special

Waptutors Academy provides various courses, trainings, services and products from reputable facilitators who are successful in their crafts, as they educate you via videos on how things are done, you are added to their Whatsapp groups, Private chats, a follow-up on Whatsapp, Email and phone.

Success is Assured

Success in assured, as these trainings and products have been tested to meet quality, coupled with hundreds of testimonials from students, most of the results are near typical.

Easy Notification

The video tutorials are updated easily, you are easily notified via SMS, email, Telegram and Whatsapp Groups about changes. You also get success digests in your email.

Risk Management

All our courses have been stress tested, and risk management strategies are appropriately in place.

Quality Facilitators

The Waptutors Academy carefully selected top experts to get their course listed, and made sure these courses worth the prices.

100% Support

The Academy was built with love, with support, care and success at heart, You have ultimate access to your Facilitators via email, Phone, Whatsapp and various channels.

Complete Tutorials

Each training course is packed with well-detailed tutorials to enable a newbie understand what it entails, and access to the tutor directly to further ask questions where necessary.


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