Waptutors Academy is an impact-focused in-demand skills education platform for individuals who want to learn to work online, build successful careers and live life on their own terms.

Comprehensive Syllabus: Every course comes with easy to understand, yet detailed lessons created by experts.

Tutor Support: Our friendly and knowledgeable tutors are on hand to offer support if you need it.

For best career opportunities, minimum graduation in any field is preferred. If you are not a graduate, you can still start a career in any of the online skills based on your technical skills. Some companies hire good technical candidates without a graduation degree.

There’s no limit to how much you can grow with our online/digital training! After watching video tutorials from everyday experts who’ve been in your shoes, you’ll build the online/digital skills to promote yourself and your business online. .

Our training courses come with training video tutorials inside and access to WhatsApp contact, phone and email, WhatsApp groups of the facilitator where necessary. This will enable you to brush up on core concepts and stay on top of your game. You will always have access to our course material and also full-time mentorship. .

Our training and courses are combined with both theoretical and practical lessons. They are video tutorials and each training course is packed with well-detailed tutorials to enable a newbie to understand what it entails, and access to the tutor directly to further ask questions where necessary.

Yes, you can begin as many courses and training as you’d like, move on to new training, and finish the others later.

For now, we don’t offer certificates or badges, you can add your new online skills to your CV which boosts your chances of securing a job

Yes, our courses and tutorials are well complete. Every training course is packed with well-detailed tutorials to enable you to understand what it entails, how to succeed in a particular field.

Yes, our course is designed to help you learn every concept in real-time. Our training and courses are intended for individuals who want to learn to work online, build successful careers and live life on their own terms.

No, you do not and we will accompany you to ensure that you start from scratch if needed. Our course and training enable you to step in at any level you require and allow you to progress to a professional level.

You can either pay via two automatic premium payments, Bank Card or Crypto (BTC, ETH, DAI, USDC etc..) or a manual payment that requires admin approval, Direct bank transfer or USDT TRC-20 Address. We also provide more payment options when you email our support.

Generally, one should be above the age of 18 to enrol on a program

It is important for us to understand whether Waptutor Academy has had a positive impact on you after you have completed the training. We may therefore send you an email with a short survey, success digests or make you aware of other skills to succeed opportunities that may be of interest to you. Please note that it will always be possible for you to unsubscribe from any communications you may receive from us.

100% Refund guarantee after 30days if actionable steps within the course doesn’t work.

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