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How to Approve Adsense On your Blog Easily
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July 20, 2022


About Course

In this Video training, you will get same blueprint i used in Approving 3 different Adsense account in the past 5 Months.

About Course

In this Video training, i shared with you

  1. 7 Videos of how to get started with a blog
  2. One type of Niche with Fast Adsense Approval
  3. Guides of How to Setup this Niche

Setting up a blog is not all that is required, the big question is:

  • Can you Monetize this blog?
  • Are you making any money from it?

It’s no longer news that getting Adsense on a blog cost a fortune, some sell Adsense account + Domain up to 400,000 Naira, some even sell verified Adsense that has received multiple payments for up to N600,000

What if you get your won Adsense today?

What if you start reselling Adsense + Domain and make as high as 500K per sale?

In this Video training, you will get same blueprint i used in Approving 3 different Adsense account in the past 5 Months.

If i was to sell these 3 Multiple payment received Adsense, it would cost up to N600,000 per 1, thats like pocketing NGN1,800,000 in pure cash by simply owning 3 Multiple Payment received Adsense Accounts.

Get this Training today, and lock your way to successful Blogging.

See you at the top.

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What Will You Learn?

  • Setting up a niche with fast Adsense Approval
  • Easy steps to setup Adsense account

Course Content

Introduction to the Course
All you need to know about the AAT course

  • Intro to The Course
  • What is Adsense and Why it’s required

Getting Started with Blogging
In this module you will learn how to setup your own blog from scratch without any prior knowledge on blogging

Blog Adsense Approval Methods
Tricks to Approving Adsense on your blog

Bonus I (Adsense)
This section teaches how to avoid Adsense limitation and how to remove it.

Bonus II (CPC & Increase Adsense Earnings)

Bonus III (Traffic)
Provides you some bonus videos to enhance your posting on your blog

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2 years ago
This course is packed even though you will have to patiently pass through some beginners stuff (you can skip it). It tells you exactly what to do to get AdSense Approval even from beginners level.
13,250.00 for 1 year
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    Waptutors Academy
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