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Profitable Writing Guide
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July 23, 2022


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Ever heard someone say their Adsense was closed because of contents?

They are sending traffic but their CTR (Click through rate) on Ads is very poor and below 10%,

They get little clicks on their Ads but the CPC (cost per click) is below $0.4 – $1,

They really want to master the art of writing for Niche blogs and these Niche blogs then becomes a cash spinning machine.

Would you also want to choose the best images that has made my blog standout,

How to Pick the Best Stock Images that users resonate with — You want to make money right?

How to write catchy articles that is both user friendly, SEO friendly and your blog stands out.

WARNING: Do not get this course if you are expecting to see a short video that didn’t go in-depth

Take this course if you want to solve all your worries on article writing and how best you can convert those articles to cash pumping machine,

Spinning cash like a spoilt tap.

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What Will You Learn?

  • Understanding Writing for Wordpress Blogs
  • Writing High CPC Articles
  • How to Become a Professional Writer

Course Content

Writer’s Guide Course
A detailed video teaching writing for Wordpress.

  • Understanding WordPress Interface
  • Writing articles that will survive Adsense bans
  • Writing High CPC articles to generate cash
  • Optimizing articles to provide a high CTR on them
  • How to get Matching Images for the Articles
  • Writing Evergreen Articles
  • Writing Professional & SEO Contents


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