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Traffic Banking Strategies (PRO)
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August 6, 2022


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In this Traffic Banking Pro course, serving as the continuation of the TBS Lite seeks to further expose 2 Main methods of Banking traffic.

In this course you will learn;

  • How to Bank traffic on Push Notification & Automate the process
  • Reusing Banked traffic from push for optimal service
  • Using the Ultimate Whatsapp feature to bank Traffic
  • How to automate the flow and command traffic Quick and easy back to your website.

The TBS Pro will see that you gain access to fully optimize the tools that both methods provides, and knowing A-Z of what i do, so you can replicate it for yourself.

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What Will You Learn?

  • How to Bank Push notification Traffic
  • Automation Strategies for Push Traffic
  • Whatsapp feature to bank Niche Blog Traffic
  • Setting up flow for Whatsapp traffic sending to Websites

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Traffic Banking 4

Traffic Banking 5

Bonuse (5x Earnings using this Chatbot Method)

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