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Learn Advance Technical Analysis

Do you want to become a Pro trader? What about if you could call trades yourself, Go into the market analyze certain crypto coins yourself, trade and make money all by yourself. In this course, We brought  Top 5 Technical Analysis Experts over the course of 7 Days in Zoom meetings to train just anyone […]

NFT Flipping & Trading Course

The Ultimate guide for you to get started Selling NFTs In this training course you will Discover why people are selling NFTs for Thousands of Dollars, Millions of dollars and so many unbelievable price, and how you can key into that niche as an artist, comedian, musician, trader or a regular lover of arts and […]

Profitable Trading Signals & Training

The Waptutors Profitable Trading course is one of the most robust trading course in Africa, it focuses on training and educating new people on how to trade asset classes and make money with daily trading signals  inside the Academy Whatsapp group from experts. Asides from Crypto educational videos, the Academy also trains and educate her students […]

Forex Trading Made Easy

Looking at learning Forex Trading the easy way? with exclusive access to our experts inside the The Forex Trading Whatsapp group? then take this course today, take a look at what you will get for taking the course. What do i gain for taking this Forex Trading Made Easy course? Introduction to the Course Gaining […]