Important Documents Needed To Travel Abroad

Important Documents Needed To Travel Abroad

When embarking on an international trip, you must pay attention to every vital document needed to travel abroad. As you’re booking your flights, you should also prepare the correct travel documentation to avoid problems on your flight day.


It is necessary to research the required documents each country needs for foreign travelers as each country has different requirements for entry.

What Is A Travel Document?

Travel documents are forms of identification issued by a government or international treaty organization that allows for the movement of individuals across government-regulated boundaries. A passport and visa are the most common example of travel documents.

Various countries require different documents needed to travel abroad and these documents are imposed as part of their border control policies, which may vary based on the traveler’s mode of transport. For instance, America does not subject passengers departing by land or water to any border control, but it requires that passengers departing by air hold a valid passport, visa, etc.

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That being said, let’s look at the documents needed to travel abroad.

List Of Documents Needed To Travel Abroad In 2022

1) Primary Documents – National Identity, Drivers License

These documents are mandatory if you’re either traveling interstate or internationally. They are primary documents every airplane user must have. It would be best if you had at least a means of identification from your home country, which serves as documents needed to travel abroad or domestically. You’ll need proper identification whether you are traveling domestically within your home country or outside of it.

2) Passport

A valid passport is the number one requirement when visiting a foreign country. If you don’t have one, you should apply for one at your home country’s application office so that your application can be processed on time and well before your trip. The passport process takes two weeks to 1 month to get ready in a normal circumstance.

If you already have a passport, make sure it is valid for more than six months during your trip. You should always carry a copy of your passport alone with you.

3) Visa

After procuring your passport, the essential document that follows the list is your visa. A visa is a stamp on your passport verifying that you have been permitted to enter another country, making it one of the most important documents to travel abroad.

Moreover, some countries grant visa-on-arrival. So check if the country you are traveling to accepts visas on entry for foreign travelers. If that’s not the case, apply for a tourist visa from your home country. A visa application takes more time to get approved, so it would be best to apply one month before your planned flight to avoid trip cancellation and other disappointments.

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Also, apply for your visa from the embassy’s official website. Try as much as possible not to use any unverified external source, as there are so many reasons why your visa can be rejected if your application doesn’t meet the requirements.

4) Flight Tickets

Flight tickets are essential documents needed to travel abroad. They are document issued by an airline or a travel agency to a traveler that confirms that the individual is permitted to get a seat on the plan. Flight tickets contain seat numbers, departure and arrival dates and times, PNR, and booking codes.

Getting your flight ticket booked in time is something you should put into consideration. If you are traveling to a well-visited tourist country and when there are a high influx of travelers, there are huge chances that the cost of tickets would be very high. Booking your tickets days or weeks before you intend to travel will give you an advantage as you will get the tickets at a cheaper rate.

Carry a copy of your book ticket while traveling just in case the original is lost. If the return trip or onward trip ticket is booked, have a copy of it as well as it can be asked to be tendered on arrival at the immigration counters of some countries.

5) Travel Insurance

Although not necessary in some countries, Travel insurance is an essential document needed to travel abroad. Some travel insurance has medical coverage worth up to $6,000. If you have an already existing travel insurance plan, make sure you carry copies that cover all necessary details of the insurance plan.

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6) COVID-19 PCR Test Results

Since the pandemic breakout in 2020, it has become necessary to provide a not less than 24 hours result from an accredited medical center as part of the documents needed to travel abroad. When traveling, don’t forget your proof of medical Insurance and COVID-19 test results, as they are always required at different checkpoints at the airport.

7) Proof Of Accommodation

When traveling to a foreign country with a tourist visa, upon arrival, they request proof of hotel booking or accommodation or a copy of an invitation from a relative that resides there or a business meeting.

If you are planning to get accommodations through Airbnb or the like and you don’t have proof of accommodation, there is a chance that immigration officials at the airport might deny your entry. To avoid such problems, pre-book a hotel that allows you to cancel your order and refund. Print and carry the proof of accommodation and use it where necessary at the airport upon arrival.


Travel is meant to be fun, and one of the ways of not spoiling the party is to have all the required documents needed to travel abroad ready and well arranged. With this guide, it’s expected that you now know all the documents to have at hand when traveling.

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