What is Data Analytics?, Types and how they work

Businesses that want to not only survive but also grow may want to increase their chances of success by making wise decisions when addressing the question, “What is data analysis?” And how would an entrepreneur or a business owner and his team decide on these things? They accomplish this by gathering as much relevant, actionable […]

Search Engine Marketing: Definition and how to use.

What is a Search Engine Marketing? Search engine marketing(SEM) is a digital marketing technique that tries to improve a website’s online presence on search engine results pages (SERP). This is most commonly seen in the form of search advertising that appears above non-paid, or organic, results. The goal is to increase the number of visitors […]

GT Bank Recruitment 2023 Application Available

GTBank Recruitment is now open for those that are interested in working with the banking agency. Apply here Are you a Nigerian? Do you wish to be part of the GT bank staff? Have you been looking forward to working in the banking sector? Worry no more because the opportunity has presented itself. Guarantee […]

CJ Dropshippin: How does it work

With so many online dropshipping platforms, the days of just entrepreneurs with substantial investment dollars being able to launch a dropshipping business are long gone. Dropshipping works by allowing you to start an internet business without having to bother about stocking any goods. The idea is to start small, with a low budget, for your […]

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