Australia Visa | Requirements And How To Apply For An Australian Visa

australia visa - how to apply for australia visa

Australia Visa | Requirements And How To Apply For An Australian Visa

Do I Require A Visa Before I Can travel To Australia?

If you’re not an Australian citizen, you’ll require an valid Australian visa to travel to Australia. Although, if you are a New Zealand passport holder, you can apply for visa on arrival in the country. Travelers from other countries are not eligible for a visa on arrival into Australia.


There are a variety of Australia visa you can apply for, such as the tourist visa, business or job holiday visa at any Australian Consulate or Embassy in your home country. You may also select and apply for a specific kind of visa by visiting Australian Department of Home Affairs website.

What Kinds Of Tourist Visas Do Australia Offer?

There are several Australian visa tourist can apply for when visiting Australia. Making a choice of the Australian visa you need to apply for will depend on how long you plan to stay, the validity of your passport, and the reason for your trip. It is also important to note that you will need to meet certain requirements like financial capabilities that shows you’re able to cater for yourself while on the trip or medical statements that proves you’re not suffering from any health issues.

Electronic Travel Authority visa (subclass 601)

This visa lets you travel to Australia at any time you like, with duration of up to a year and you can live there up to  three months during each visit. The visa is open to citizens of countries and regions who reside outside of Australia. A step-by step guide on how to apply can be found below

E-Visitor (subclass 651)

This Australia Visa is free to certain European countries and it allows you to visit multiple times. The Evisitor visa allows for multiple visits to Australia for tourism or business purposes for up to three months at a time within a 12-month period and can’t be extended

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Visitor visa (subclass 600)

The Visitor Visa travelers to enter Australia in any way, whether to visit for business or leisure. It is available to everyone from any country. In general, this visa is valid for 3 months, but in some cases, it can be extended up to 12 months. Applicants are required to pay a fee for visa extension.

How To Apply For Australia Visa

To apply for an Australian visa online, you need:

  • A mobile device camera enabled which can take your photo and an image of the Passport data page
  • NFC enabled on your mobile device
  • Location services enabled on your mobile device
  • A valid email address
  • A valid payment method ready to pay the application fee

There is no way to include family members on your application. Each family member, including those listed on your passport, must submit a separate and individual application. Although, if all family members are by chance applying using the same mobile device, you can submit and pay for the applications at the same time.

If you want to submit the application yourself, after you’ve downloaded the app for your smartphone, you’ll must:

  • Scan your passport to auto-fill your name, birthdate as well as your passport’s number.
  • Snap and upload a photo of yourself
  • You will be asked to answer a few questions, including whether you have criminal convictions or pending cases. The application will also request your contact information in Australia.
  • Pay the visa application charge
  • Submit the application.

If you prepare to apply offline and an agent is making the application on behalf of you, you should however, be physically present at the time they complete the application. You’ll need your photo taken as well as your passport ready to scan.

Ensure that the information on your application, such as name and birth date and other personal information are accurate before submission.  Ro start your application, visit

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