The Best Free Graphic Design Software For Beginners

free graphic design software

The Best Free Graphic Design Software For Beginners

Graphic Design Software for Beginners:

Whether you’re looking to take on something big or just want to try something small, there are plenty of ways to try things out. If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to create graphics for your next marketing campaign or brochure, this post is for you! We’ll break down each software’s features and what might make them good choices for beginners who want free graphic design software options.

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Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark is a free graphic design software tool that’s available on the web, mobile, and desktop. It has a library of free stock images and templates to help you get started. You can also make infographics with it or create posters or presentations with its tools.

The first thing you’ll want to do when using Adobe Spark is signing up for an account so they can provide all kinds of helpful resources like tutorials on how to use their product properly (and if they don’t have any tutorials yet then there is something wrong). After creating an account, head over here: Adobe Spark website

Once logged in there will be links at the bottom where users can download various templates for different projects such as resumes or business cards; these are just examples though because Adobe has many different options available depending on what type of project needs to be done most often!

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Spark is the most basic of the three programs and is ideal for those who have never used a desktop computer before. It features basic tools such as an eyedropper tool to select colours from photos or images on your screen; it also lets you create shapes with different types of brushes (such as lines or dots). You can use Spark to create posters or flyers using various templates provided by Adobe.


Canva has over 50 million users worldwide who use their products every day to create stunning images and logos. They offer services like editing photos into collages, drawing inspiration boards, and creating posters or flyers with their drag-and-drop editor—all of which are available at no cost!

Canva is an online drawing program where users can easily make professional-looking designs using any type of photo they want it’s not just limited to images. Though The platform offers thousands of pre-made designs ranging from typography styles like Helvetica Thin Condensed Bold Italic Futura LT Condensed Bold LT.

It also has plenty more styles available if needed (for example Modern Gothic Baskerville Swashy Serif). There’s even access given through Canva’s community forum where newbies will find tutorials on how best use different tools within their system.”

It’s important to remember that Canva is not a photo editing program, but it does offer features such as cropping and resizing. You can even use Canva to make social media graphics, like Facebook cover photos or Twitter headers.


Vectr is a vector graphics editor that’s available for free on the web, or as an app for iOS and Android. It’s easy to use but also has a lot of advanced features like shape layers, masks and gradients.

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Vectr allows you to create anything from logos to posters in just a few minutes by dragging your image onto the canvas interface at the bottom of your screen. You can add text with ease too, Just type in what you want to say at any time while editing your artwork (or select it from a list).

Vectr has been around longer than any other option mentioned here—it was created back in 2004! And although there are some limitations when compared with newer ones like Adobe Spark or even Autodesk Sketchbook Pro (which hasn’t been updated since 2011), it still comes highly recommended due to its ease of use while offering plenty of customization options as well such as text overlays etcetera…

When using Vectr, users can either choose to design online or offline. This is great because it means you don’t have to be connected to the internet in order to use it! It also comes with an extensive list of pre-made graphic templates that allow you to create different types of designs without having to start from scratch every time.


The graphic design software for beginners is a little different than the ones that are built for professionals. If you want to get started making your own creative projects, then these three options will help you out. They’re all easy to use and allow you to customize everything from text size and font style to colour palettes.

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