How to start Podcasting in 2022


How to start Podcasting in 2022

What is podcasting?

Podcasting is the compilation and dissemination of audio files to subscribing users’ computers using RSS feeds.

These files are then uploaded to streaming services, where customers can listen to them on their cellphones or digital music and multimedia players such as an iPod or with any device. A digital audio file may be readily converted into a podcast.

Podcasts, in addition to RSS, can be stored on or integrated into websites, allowing them to be streamed or downloaded.

Podcasts are usually offered as a collection of pre-recorded talk radio broadcasts that listeners may download to their computers or mobile devices. Podcasters frequently release episodes regularly.

Podcasts can also be directly uploaded to Patreon, SoundCloud, and YouTube streaming sites.

Podcasts may be listened to in two ways.

  • Using a feed reader like Feedly or the blog/podcast website where the podcast is housed or embedded to stream or download the podcast.
  • Using a podcast player like Apple Podcasts or Pocket Casts. On a device such as a smartphone or a tablet, play any of the episodes in the stream. These are frequently referred to as “podcatchers.”

 Podcast players use RSS feed data to provide a listing of episodes, show data (such as episode titles and show notes), artwork, and a link to the show file (usually an MP3).

Few questions to answer before setting up a podcast:

What is the purpose of your podcast?

 Among the reasons include generating leads for a business, establishing expertise on a subject, and earning passive money.

What is the “why” of the podcast?

To stay motivated, combine your practical rationale with an innate purpose. What is your message or mission to the rest of the world?

Who is the show aimed at?

Create a virtual representation of your ideal listener. It will assist you in better understanding how listeners think and feel, allowing you to address them directly. It also contributes to your podcast having a more intimate vibe that resonates with listeners.


  1. What are their hobbies?
  2. Their convictions
  3. Their activities and way of life
  4. Their preferred items

How will your show be distinguished? 

What are the standout features of your podcast that will get people talking about it? Choosing a niche that is an inch broad but a mile deep is an easy method to stand out.

Niche marketing aids in the elimination of perceived competitors. Another approach to distinguishing yourself is by your particular style and personality.

Types of podcasting

The Podcast Interview

On each episode of this podcast, one or two hosts interview a different guest. This is a popular format because it does not necessarily necessitate extensive research.

The Individual Podcast

If you’ve been thinking about how to start a podcast, this could be one of the greatest podcast options for you. These podcasts are commonly displayed as a monologue, with one person (you) running the show.

The Podcast with Multiple Hosts

This type of podcasting features two or more hosts, making it more interactive than a single program.

If you’ve been thinking about how to start a podcast and have a business partner, this could be a great choice for you.

How to Start a Podcast

There are numerous approaches to starting a new podcast. To record an audio file, you’ll need the following podcasting tools and components:

Microphone for podcasting.

USB microphones are inexpensive and simple to use for audio recording. A laptop’s or smartphone’s built-in microphone will also work. If a high audio-quality podcast is desired, a professional recording mic should be considered.

Application for recording.

To record and save audio, many devices include free audio recording applications, such as Apple’s Voice Memos app.

Audacity is a free audio recording program that runs on desktop operating systems such as Microsoft Windows, Apple macOS, and Linux. Recording applications may include editing software and the ability to export audio files.

Site for hosting.

A podcast can be distributed through a podcast distribution platform such as Podbean, Podcast Websites, or Spreaker after it has been recorded.

FAQs on Podcasting

What is a podcast directory?

A podcast directory is a software program or an application that enables listeners to find, save, and listen to podcasts. When a listener subscribes to a podcast, the RSS feed on their device automatically refreshes with new episodes.

Here are some instances of these directories:

  • Podcasts by Apple
  • Blueberry
  • Podcasting
  • Podbean
  • Spotify
  • Stitcher
  • iTunes 

What do you call someone that makes podcasts?

A podcaster is someone who produces podcasts. Someone who creates and hosts podcasts.

Can anyone start a podcast?

A podcast can be started by anyone. All you have to do is record your sessions and post them online.

What is the distinction between blogging and podcasting?

A podcast is a digital recording file that may be downloaded via the internet. A blog is a website that regularly publishes fresh bits of material – blog entries — that are instructive, interesting, or entertaining.

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