13 Productive Self-Development Apps – Omotade Mack Writes

Self-Development Apps - Omotade Mack

13 Productive Self-Development Apps – Omotade Mack Writes

Self-development apps can assist you in staying consistent in accomplishing your goals and developing positive habits while overcoming bad ones. Such apps also endeavor to boost your morale and motivation.

Self-development is an excellent way to achieve greater levels of success and happiness in life. However, it requires you to work on yourself on a continuous basis, and the most difficult obstacles to overcome are inconsistency and a lack of motivation.

13 Productive Self-Development Apps

Self-Development Apps

Here are 13 of the best productive self-development apps to help you reach your full potential and become a better version of yourself.

1. Spotify

You listen to podcasts and music on this app, I do listen to inspirational podcasts on this app. If you want to enjoy endless motivational and inspirational podcasts, click any of the links below to download the app.

Download: Spotify (Android).

Download: Spotify (iPhone).

2. Pinterest

You can search for pictures and videos for inspiration. There is something I’ve been working on for a few months now and I’ll say many of my inspirations were gotten from Pinterest. Through Pinterest you can receive a guide on how to turn your ideas and thoughts into physical products.

Download: Pinterest (Android).

Download: Pinterest (iPhone).

3. Notion

You create journals, it will help you to think, write and to plan, it can as well help in capturing your thoughts, managing projects or an entire company.

Download: Notion (Android).

Download: Notion (iPhone).

4. Rosetta Stone

This is a very versatile app, the English app teaches vocabulary and English grammar, there are lessons on pronunciations so you can improve on your English accent.

Download: Rosetta Stone (Android).

Download: Rosetta Stone (iPhone).

5. English

This is a dictionary app, you can easily get the meaning to any word that you do not understand. To download the English app, go to your phone playstore or apple store, search for English and download the app.


This is an editing app that can help you to create designs for any social network, you can create beautiful collages, combine photos and videos at the same time, erase any background, text on photo and so much more.

Download: Graphionica (Android).

Download: Graphionica (iPhone).

7. Duolingo

This app is good for those that would love to learn new language (s) the mission of the company is to develop the best education in the world and make it universally available.

Download: Duolingo (Android).

Download: Duolingo (iPhone).

8. Reminder

This is an app I love so much, it helps me to keep track on future events, all the birthdays of my loved ones and friends are saved in there, special moments and times are kept in there as well. You can create tasks with a deadline, the app simply reminds you when it’s time to do it. It can even set up phone calls or send SMS/text messages on a schedule.

Download: Reminder (Android).

Download: Reminder (iPhone).

9. I Am

You get daily affirmation from this app whenever you are feeling down, the daily affirmation help rewire our brains, build self esteem and change negative thought patterns.

Download: I Am (Android).

Download: I Am (iPhone).

10. Pray.com

Daily prayer session and the opportunity to join other prayer groups.

Download: Pray.com (Android).

Download: Pray.com (iPhone).

11. PiggyVest

You can save and invest your money with them. PiggyVest is the new owner of Pocket (formerly Abeg), the sponsor of Big Brother Naija.

Download: PiggyVest (Android).

Download: PiggyVest (iPhone).

12. Scribd

This is the app where you can have access to as many books as possible, members can read and listen to the best audiobooks, ebooks, and magazines etc.

Download: Scribd (Android).

Download: Scribd (iPhone).

13. Be a Classy Lady

You get access to tips on how to be classy and to look good. A classy Lady is a respectable woman, confident, snazzy and unrivaled.

Download: Be a Classy Lady (Android).

Download: Be a Classy Lady (Not available for iPhones).

Self-Development Apps


Self-development should be a top focus in your life. If you frequently procrastinate while working on your goals, these self-development apps will assist you in staying on track and increasing your productivity.

This is all for the 13 productive self-development apps for individual growth and progress. Although, Omotade Mack said there are more apps which she will be dropping on her Facebook wall. This post will be updated from time to time. Visit Omotade Mack Facebook page to see more inspiring contents.

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