Amazon Dropshipping and all you need to start up

Amazon dropshipping

Amazon Dropshipping and all you need to start up

Dropshipping is a quick and simple method to start a business in 2022. This business strategy lets you sell things without owning, packaging and shipping them to customers.

As a dropshipper, you instead forward the order to a manufacturer, supplier, or distributor who will fulfil it on your behalf.

What is Amazon dropshipping?

Amazon dropshipping is a type of eCommerce business strategy in which you sell actual things on Amazon without dealing with inventories, shipping and handling, or customer support.

In essence, Amazon and your supplier do all of the heavy liftings for you. When you sell something on Amazon, simply tell your drop shipper, and they will ship your things straight to the Amazon client on your behalf.

Amazon is one of the world’s most popular internet marketplaces. It is also a popular dropshipping platform.

It has such a large reach with 200 million Prime customers, and dropshipping is a terrific method to access untapped markets.

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How does drop shipping on Amazon work?

Dropshipping on Amazon works by collaborating with a dropship merchant or wholesaler that is willing to send items directly to shoppers on your behalf.

You and the third-party supplier, as partners, agree on wholesale pricing for the items you intend to offer online.

After you’ve reached an arrangement with your supplier, here’s how Amazon dropshipping works:

  • The buyer orders your goods from Amazon.
  • You provide the Amazon shipping data to your dropship supplier and pay the agreed-upon wholesale pricing.
  • Your drop ship provider will package and send the order to the final client.
  • The difference between your sales price and the retail price is yours to keep, less any Amazon selling costs.

NB: Before you begin Amazon drop shipping, you must first grasp the platform’s dropshipping regulations to prevent suspension. For example, Amazon’s dropshipping regulations forbid you from acquiring items from another Amazon shop. If you breach it, your seller account may be suspended.

Other restrictions that you must follow as an Amazon drop shipper include:

  • In your invoices, exterior packaging, and packing papers, you must identify yourself as the vendor.
  • Returns must be accepted and processed by you.
  • You must abide by Amazon’s Terms of Service.

Six(6) Steps on how to start drop-shipping on Amazon:

  • Register for an Amazon seller account.

To sell on Amazon, you must first open an Amazon seller account. To sign up, go to You’ll be asked for information about your company, such as its address and tax identification, as well as your personal information and payment card information.

  • Get your product category authorized (if necessary)

Certain product kinds/types need merchants to obtain clearance from Amazon. Popular categories that require clearance before opening an Amazon store include fashion, groceries, music, and jewellery. Read the description of product categories in which you can sell.

  • Find Profitable Dropship Products

Follow these steps to identify profitable items to dropship on Amazon:

  • Sell things that will not become outdated.
  • Sell specialized items that only apply to a specific set of individuals.
  • Sell things that are catchy or showy and encourage impulse purchases.
  • Sell items that are not available directly from the maker or through other Prime merchants.
  • offer higher-ticket items to maximize profit per sale
  • Use a Multi-channel Fulfillment app to connect your Amazon account to Shopify.

Connect your Amazon store to Shopify utilizing an Amazon fulfilment app from the Shopify app store once you’ve created an Amazon account and been approved.

Amazon connection tools function as a bridge between Amazon and Shopify, allowing you to automate order fulfilment, offer consumers up-to-date tracking information, and sync your product inventory.

  • Synchronize your inventory

Syncing your Shopify inventory with your Amazon sales channel will help you avoid clients from ordering out-of-stock items. Shopify will instantly update your Amazon listing to reflect the inventory levels. You may avoid unfavourable reviews and potential customer service difficulties this way.

  • Publicize your Amazon shop.

Amazon is a crowded marketplace. To differentiate yourself from the competitors in the market, you must invest in ad campaigns such as paid promotions. You may use Amazon advertisements to attract new consumers. You may also enhance sales by advertising on social media networks.

Top Amazon dropshipping applications

  • Seller.Tools
  • Seller
  • Merchant Words
  • FeedCheck

FAQs on Amazon dropshipping 

Is it possible to dropship on Amazon without having a website?

Yes, one can drop ship without having a website.

How much money can you make with Amazon dropshipping?

You may make anything from $1,000 to $50,000 per month on Amazon drop shipping. The income of each drop shipper differs, however, this is your potential income if you are devoted.

What is the distinction between dropshipping and Amazon selling?

Dropshipping entails not owning any product and acting as a middleman between suppliers and purchasers. When you utilize Amazon’s FBA program, you must purchase products and keep them in Amazon’s warehouse. In exchange, Amazon handles all of your shipping and returns.


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