CJ Dropshipping: How does it work?

CJ Dropshipping

CJ Dropshipping: How does it work?

With so many online dropshipping platforms, the days of just entrepreneurs with substantial investment dollars being able to launch a dropshipping business are long gone.

Dropshipping works by allowing you to start an internet business without having to bother about stocking any goods.

The idea is to start small, with a low budget, for your initial dropshipping business, and then scale as your e-commerce company grows. CJ Dropshipping assists you in entering the initial step.

Furthermore, we will go into in-depth about CJ’s Dropshipping platform, how the platform operates, its pros and downsides, and what features it has in comparison to other dropshipping platforms today.

What is CJ Dropshipping

CJ Dropshipping is a product sourcing, order processing, and shipping fulfilment platform. It’s similar to Aliexpress and Amazon in that drop shippers list or connects items on CJ to their stores, and then CJ draws orders from their stores and fulfils them.

There is warehouse service, photo/video capturing, POD, COD, affiliate and API support, and so on. It is a one-stop service platform which provides all dropshipping-related services.

The platform does not charge any fees. There are no least orders, monthly subscription fees, storage fees, or set-up expenses. Additionally, there are no fees for selling products.

What does it cost to create a CJ Dropshipping account?

CJ’s service prices are quite attractive. There are no one-time or monthly fees. And the prices are not just tacked on when you purchase the real things. Product prices are frequently cheaper than those found on eBay or AliExpress.

Additionally, when you join up for the first time, you will receive 30 days of free storage in the US and/or German facilities, as well as 90 days of free storage in Thailand, Indonesia, and China.

How does CJ Dropshipping work?

CJ Dropshipping, like any other dropshipping site, handles the shipment and sourcing for you.

CJ Dropshipping is a prominent platform since it provides the following services:

  • Every month, about 1 million orders are completed.
  • The platform is trusted by over 300,000 registered users, including Shopify businesses.
  • Their own worldwide logistics resource, CjPacket, ships goods in 1 to 2 weeks. This is at least a week faster than the competition.
  • Allows you to connect CJ Dropshipping to Shopify, eBay, WooCommerce, and other platforms.
  • CJDropshipping has various warehouses throughout the world.

Also, the CJ Dropshipping platform does the following for its users:

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Product research for you

While dropshipping with CJ, you may publish a product sourcing request and then search the platform for the perfect goods from reputable suppliers. 

When you’ve found the perfect product, submit a request to have it included in your CJ product catalogue.

Purchasing stuff for you

Every item you want to sell is kept in CJ’s international warehouse. A drop shipper might acquire each overseas good sooner to lessen Cj Dropshipping shipping delays.

Checks for quality

The items are then dispatched after passing a quality check.

The shipment

CJ shipping will deliver the order to your customer. Delivery timeframes are short, often less than four days!

Steps required in setting up a successful dropshipping career on the CJ dropshipping platform

Select A Selling Channel

A selling channel is a platform that allows you to list and sell your items to the targeted audience. It is advantageous to use a selling channel so that drop shippers may target local customers as efficiently as possible.

Product Investigation or research

Product research is an essential step that every drop shipper must take. It is a strategic strategy that assists one in determining which product concepts have the biggest market demand.

Import Items from one of their stores

You must import trendy CJ Dropshipping items into Your selling channel after selecting trending CJ Dropshipping products to sell. Adding different things will allow customers to buy items from your store.

Complete your Orders

Customers may begin browsing your products now that they are available in your dropshipping store. Soon, your selling channels will begin to receive client orders, requiring the fulfilment and delivery of these orders to customers.

All you need to do to fulfil orders on CJ Dropshipping is go to the CJ Drop shipping page and make a purchase. Then, you may enter the buyer’s shipping information and ship the products to your client immediately.

How to Sign Up for CJ in a Nutshell

It is not difficult to sign up with CJ Dropshipping. Simply visit their website and click the signup button.

After clicking the Register button, you must provide your username, phone number, name, and surname.

After that, all you have to do is activate your email and you’re done! You are now an official member of the platform.

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