Some Movies to Enhance your Self Development Skills

Develop your Skills Movies

Some Movies to Enhance your Self Development Skills

We can believe that movies are some of the things that would help us when it comes to developing ourselves and our skills. With movies, we can learn a lot of things and that brings us down to the main topic of the day.

In this article, we would take a look at how some movies can help you develop your skill (personal development skills). The reason why we are recommending this movie is that it has a big role to play when it comes to your development skills. Movies give you most of the biggest inspiration you need, it makes you smarter and better for self-development.

The world is constantly changing, movies serve as a mirror of information for those who would look and understand. Every movie has its message and for you to understand, you have to pay close attention to Details.

Some  Movies to Enhance your Development Skills

Just like we said, the movies we would be talking about here are movies that can make an impact on your life.

1. A Pursuit For Happiness

Talk about one of the most motivational movies anybody can watch. It is the true life story of Will Smith and his son Jaden Smith on their pursuit of the good things of life like money and luxury.

This movie will teach you a lot of things and we recommend you try and thank us later.

2. The Greatest Showman

If you fall in the category of people who are always afraid of everything, you need to watch this movie. This move will teach you how you can overcome fear and face the world and its criticism.

It was released in 2007 and to date remains gold because of the message it carries.

3. Social Network

We all want to be successful but this movie didn’t just start with a boy trying to be successful rather it’s about a boy trying to get revenge on his girlfriend who left him while he was at Harvard University.

The picture portrait in this movie is that of the popular Facebook Owner now called Meta (Mark Zuckerberg). It will help you to be motivated and never stop whatever your doing. It is a must-watch movie for all people.

4. Citation

Bringing to picture the daughter of one of the richest men in Nigeria (Temi Otedola). In this movie, we can see how the main character was able to defend herself against sexual harassment by her lecturer.

This movie is passing a message to young girls who are being manipulated by their lecturers to sleep with their Marks or score higher in school work.

5. Bruce Almighty

Bruce Almighty is an entertaining and motivating film with a deep message. It’s about a TV reporter (Jim Carrey) who is continually plagued by bad luck.

He complains that God is not doing a good job, at which time God arrives and offers him all of his abilities to see if he can do a better job. He learns life-changing insights along the road.

Overall, I believe the video could focus more on the life lessons – the humour occasionally takes over the picture, maybe to appeal to a wider audience. A fantastic weekend movie to enjoy with friends.

6. Peaceful Warrior

This movie is taken out from a book called the Ways of a peaceful warrior. It portrays a picture of a college student who had everything, from money, fame and beauty but yet has inner troubles.

This movie will teach you how to discover who you are and make use of your potential even when everyone believes you are doing fine.

It is a must-watch movie with so many lessons that will help you develop yourself.

7. The Family Man

This movie is comic or comedy but comes with a great lesson about life.

A man who is successful in bank investment is made to see how his life would have been if he decided to stay with his girlfriend instead of pursuing wealth.

Though we don’t believe in the idea that life has to be either or but in this movie, he is met to choose between family and wealth.

8. Click

Here you are presented with a man who has a magical remote to go back, stop and fast forward time. He was able to use it to see what the future will look like and some boring moments like Family dinner, going to work and so on.

There are a lot of things you could learn that will enhance your development skills only if you watch it.

9. The Bucket List

Here is a story of two men who were diagnosed with lungs cancer, they met each other at the hospital and became friends

They decided to start touring around the world to complete their bucket list before their time comes.

You will learn a lot from this movie, all you need to do is watch.

10. Play it forward

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After watching this movie, you will learn how to give out to people.

It talks about the story of a boy who gives out things to three people who can’t afford them.

To avoid making this a spoiler, you need to watch the movie to understand it.

FAQ – Frequently asked questions about Self Development movies

How do movies help self-development?

With movies, you can learn a lot of things that will enhance your development skills. We advise everyone to watch more movies as it can help you figure out yourself.

Where can on Download Movies?

These movies are old movies and may not be found on popular streaming platforms, Hence, you can download movies from various movies websites by searching google, or outrightly visiting, and others.

However, if you prefer to stream, then look for the movies on Netflix, Apple Movies+, Hulu, Amazon Movies and others.


We have been able to give you Some Movies to Enhance your Development Skills and these movies and more have a lot of lessons to teach.

Let’s see what you think about this content by commenting below. You can also follow us to get the latest updates from us.

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