What is a Dropshipping supplier?

Dropshipping supplier

What is a Dropshipping supplier?

Dropshipping is frequently seen as the simplest way to sell things online. The primary distinction between dropshipping and the traditional retail model is that the selling merchant does not stock his goods in dropshipping.

Instead, the merchant acquires inventory as needed from a third party – often dropshipping wholesalers or producers – to fulfil orders.

What is a dropshipping supplier?

A dropshipping supplier or provider is a firm that sells a product to drop shippers one at a time.

Dropshipping vendors are in charge of product manufacture, storage, and shipping but do not engage directly with clients.

To put it simply, 

Here is a list of responsibilities that you will be responsible for while working with a dropshipping supplier:

  • Research.

Before you begin, you must conduct product research and choose if you want to open a general, speciality, or one-product store.

  • Store layout.

Store layout. It is your responsibility to design a distinct dropshipping store that converts successfully. (And, sure, you can start dropshipping without a website if you wish.)

  • Marketing.

You must discover a technique to attract clients to your dropshipping shop. Check out this area of our blog if you’re new to this:

Tips and Tricks on How To Build Your Online Audience

  • Customer care.

As you can see, your dropshipping provider handles practically everything except communicating with your clients. You will be in charge of all client service. (For example, refund requests) You may read our comprehensive guide to customer service here.

What qualities do good dropshipping suppliers possess?

When selecting a dropshipping supplier, keep the following factors in mind:


A reliable dropshipping provider must be honest. You don’t want to work with a provider who makes claims like one-day processing but can’t keep them. You rely significantly on your supplier in the dropshipping company, so make sure you trust them.

Prices are reasonable.

The primary purpose of dropshipping is to make money. A supplier is useless if their pricing does not allow for a reasonable markup. If you want to learn everything there is to know about price in the dropshipping sector, check out this comprehensive pricing strategy guide.

Tips on how to Find good Dropshipping Suppliers

Because choosing a reputable supplier is essential to running a successful dropshipping operation, here are some measures to take to guarantee you select the appropriate one:

Examine the feedback

See what others are saying about the supplier’s products and customer service if it has user reviews. This will offer you an idea of how clients would evaluate your quality if you sell those things yourself.

Examine Policies

Because supplier rules effectively filter down your consumers, you must understand how they handle faulty items, missing shipping, refunds, and other issues. Contact the provider directly if the policies are not visible on their website.

Try using the product yourself

If you’re thinking about selling a product, order it yourself to check the product quality and shipment speed. Based on these findings, you may construct an accurate assessment of how the client will view the quality of service – for better or worse.

Understand the fees

Dropshipping frequently contains hidden fees. You’ll need a good grasp of the various shipping rates, monthly membership expenses, stocking fees, and other expenditures to comprehend how they will affect your overall overhead.

Look for automation.

Manually controlling inventory levels, making orders, and tracking shipments may become impractical as your firm grows. Ideally, the distributor should have connectors with your eCommerce site to automate these operations, enabling you to focus on developing income streams.

Here is the list of Top Dropshipping Companies:

  1. AliExpress
  2. Alibaba
  3. Amazon
  4. SaleHoo
  5. Wholesale2B
  6. Sunrise Wholesale
  7. Inventory Source
  8. Worldwide Brands
  9. Mega goods
  10. Shopify 

FAQs on Dropshipping suppliers

How can I locate dropshipping suppliers?

Dropshipping suppliers and wholesalers can be found through a trusted directory, recommendations from coworkers, or by looking at the suppliers for items from companies you adore. This blog article also contains a plethora of excellent ideas.

What are the top dropshipping businesses in 2022?

This blog article includes a list of some of the greatest dropshipping vendors. AliExpress, Alibaba, and others are popular vendors.

Is it legal to drop ship in Nigeria?

Dropshipping is permitted in Nigeria. Dropshipping is a legal technique for fulfilling orders. Check the terms and conditions of the vendors you intend to engage with.


Regardless of how easy the Dropshipping business strategy is, sourcing suppliers for dropshipping businesses has always been difficult. The appropriate suppliers will propel your company forward, while substandard suppliers will have the reverse impact. As a result, it is critical to do due research on dropshipping providers.


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