New Zealand Visa Requirements And Application

New Zealand Visa Requirements

New Zealand Visa Requirements And Application

If you are planning a visit to New Zealand, you must have enough knowledge of the New Zealand visa requirements and the right way to apply. To apply for a visa, you must provide certain compulsory information, including your passport, personal information, profession, travel itinerary, etc. You may also be asked to submit travel insurance documents.

To secure a visa, it is important to be prepared for a long process. There are several stages you will need to go through, and it can take some time. On this page, we will give in full detail all the New Zealand Visa Requirements and the procedures on how to apply. Read on!

New Zealand Visa Requirements:

The following are the New Zealand Visa Requirement:

  • Passport: A passport with at least three months of validity by the end of the trip
  • Document Photocopies: Extra copies of your passport showing all the pages with authorized signatures. The photocopies must show your photograph, personal details, passport issued, and expiry dates.
  • Travel Insurance: You are required to provide a travel insurance, at least an health insurance.
  • Health Status: You must provide a recent medical test result with proof of your health status and state health issues(if any).
  • Proof of good profile and character: It’s a requirement to submit a statement from the police in your country attesting to your good behavior.
  • Proof of funds: To show you are financially capable of catering for yourself throughout the trip, you will be required to submit your bank statement of payment slip from your employee.
  • Host: In cases where you have a host, they must give documentation of their financial ability to support you while you are in New Zealand. You may also use a recent bank statement, an employment contract, proof of accommodation, and payment history from the employee in place of this.
  • Return Intention: You’ll need to prove that you’ll be traveling back to your country. These can be your return flight tickets.

New Zealand Visa Application Fee

New Zealand visa application fee starts from around $100 to $160 for all nationalities. You’re to pay the fee when processing your application online.

How To Apply

The main setback most applicants face when applying for a New Zealand Visa is the lack of knowledge about the whole application process. There are a few ways to apply for a New Zealand visa online.

The online application will require basic personal details, such as your name, date of birth, passport number, and country of residence. You’ll also need to upload a photograph and fill out an application form. This page will help you understand everything you need to know before you apply for this visa. Follow the steps below:

Stage 1: Register an account

  • Visit the official website of New Zealand Immigration Service.
  • Click Login then select Visitor Visa from the list below to create an account or select Create An Account if you have an existing account.’

Stage 2: Create A Profile

In the box spaces provided, fill in all required details like your first and last name and email address. Tap the agree and continue button to continue. You should then verify your account using the link sent to your mail inbox. You must click on the link in your mail to proceed.

Stage 3: Apply For A Visitor Visa

After verification, the link will take you to the Immigration portal. Click on Create a visitor visa application.

Continue by answering all questions genuinely. Attaching and uploading required documents. You should have your debit card(Visa or MasterCard) ready to pay your fees. Immigration fees are NZD165 , passport fees are NZD480 and courier fees are NZD150.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Must I Have In Bank Balance To Apply For New Zealand Visa?

The amount needed to be in your bank balance for a visa depends on the type of visa you’re applying for. A tourist visa requires a minimum bank balance of NZD$20,000, while a working holiday visa requires only NZD$5,000.

How Easy Is It To Get A New Zealand Visa?

Getting a New Zealand Visa is one of the easiest processes, and we’ve simplified the process above. However, to make the process stress free, you must have all the required documents. If everything goes as planned, you should get your visa issued in 2 weeks.

Is It Possible To Convert My Visitor Visa To A Work Visa In New Zealand?

Yes, you can convert your visitor visa to a work visa in New Zealand. However, you must apply for a residential permit before being eligible for a work visa.

What Are The Types Of New Zealand Visas?

The most common New Zealand visas are tourist, student, work, and resident visas.

  • The tourist visa is for travelers who want to visit New Zealand for a short period of 3 months. 
  • The student visa is for people who want to study in New Zealand. 
  • The work visa is for those who want to work in New Zealand for three months to 1 year. 
  • The resident visa is for people who want to live in New Zealand permanently.


The New Zealand Visa Application process is straightforward, making the process relatively easy for visitors or first-time travelers. All visitors must have a passport that is valid for at least six months after the date of their arrival in New Zealand. Also, check the latest visa requirements before applying on the official website, and be sure to have your required documents ready when you go to the embassy or consulate for an interview.

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