Qatar Visa Requirements And Steps On How To Apply Easily

Qatar visa requirements

Qatar Visa Requirements And Steps On How To Apply Easily

Are you thinking of adding a visit to Qatar to your travel list but you don’t know the Qatar Visa requirement and steps on how to apply? Worry no more.  This article will walk you through the Visa requirements for Nigerians, as well as how to apply for a Qatar visa.

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Qatar is one of the most developed countries in the world. It is also known for its cities with stunning beauty, world-class hotels, beaches, and museums, among other things. According to World Bank data, it had the largest Gross Domestic Product (GDP) than any country in the world in 2021, totaling 179.57 billion dollars in USD.

Qatar Visa Eligibility

To be eligible for a visa into Qatar, you must meet all of the following requirements:

Must Be A Genuine Traveler: You must prove that you are a genuine traveler by showing genuine reasons for wanting to travel to Qatar

Financial Prowess: You must have sufficient finances to support yourself throughout the duration of your stay.

Reasons To Return: To ensure that you will return after your stay, you must provide contacts to families or relatives in your home country.

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Proof Of Good Character: You must have a clean criminal record and be of good reputation. Possible, you might be asked to provide a Police Clearance Certificate.

Health Condition: You must show that you are in good health with supporting documents.

Qatar Visa Requirements


  • It must be valid for at least six months before the beginning of your trip.
  • It must contain at least two blank pages for the visa can be stamped.

Passport Photos: You must get your passport photos taken in compliance with the rules mentioned for passport photos.

Flight reservations: The tickets must confirm the full trip to Qatar (To and Fro).

Hotel Reservation Voucher: If you intend to stay in a hotel, you must present proof of lodging in the form of a hotel voucher or booking receipt.

Health Condition: Documentation proving health insurance coverage. Also, the mandatory health insurance that covers the whole month that you will spend in Qatar.

Financial Strength: A bank statement or payment slip confirming that you have enough funds to cover your expenses in Qatar.

Application Fees:

A tourist visa with validity of 30 days costs $27. If you overstay your visa in Qatar, you will be fined $55 per day you spend in the country by law enforcement agencies.

How To Apply – Application Instructions

To successfully complete the Qatar Visa application procedure, the applicant must follow the steps specified below:

1) Fill out and download the application form from Qatar’s Visa official website

2) The applicant after printing out the form must append their signature application form

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3) After that, you should take the completed form, along with the above mentioned documents, to the nearest Visa or consulate office.

4) When the processes are completed and passport is ready, you will be contacted by the immigration service either via email or phone call, which normally takes between 7 and 10 working days under normal circumstances. You can also choose to have the passport delivered by a courier service.

Frequently Asked Question

Does Nigerians Need A Visa To Travel To Qatar?

Nigerians are eligible to use an Electronic Visa to enter Qatar for tourism purposes but can’t use it to study or work. An E-visa is valid for up to 30 days.

Which Jobs Are In High Demand In Qatar?

There are a host of jobs that are in demand in Qatar like Construction, Health workers, Domestic workers, Engineers, Technician.

Can I Work In Canada Using A Visit Visa?

You can be granted employment in Qatar even if you have a Visit Visa. But you have apply for a work Visa and you must not resume work if the application has not been granted.

Which Job Pays The Highest In Qatar

Currently, medical jobs like Surgeons or Doctors has the highest pay in Qatar. Jobs like Human resource management, IT management also pays well.


Getting a Qatar Visa is one of the easiest visa procurement process. All you need to do is getting all the required documents and follow the right process in applying and it’s almost certain your application will be successful.

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