How To Find Cheap Accommodation While Travelling In 2022

Cheap Accommodation

How To Find Cheap Accommodation While Travelling In 2022

One of your major everyday expenses will be lodging, and knowing how to find cheap accommodation can result in significant savings. Many individuals believe that the options of getting accommodation are limited to either pricey hotels or affordable hostel dorms. However, regardless of whether you’re traveling alone, couple, or family, there are a tons of additional opportunities open to you.


These article is aimed towards assisting you in making the smartest lodging decisions, locating better deals, avoiding scams, and breaking free from the guesthouse stereotype.

How To Find Cheap Accommodations?

There are many ways to discover cheap accommodations overseas, and we believe that this post will assist you on how you can travel or live overseas on a budget while still saving money.

1) Camping.

You may get a sleeping bag, pillow, and tent for very little money online or in a variety of stores, based on the country you want to travel to. Many countries offer campgrounds where you can stay for a reasonable rate; in nations like France and New Zealand, this is common in the summer.

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Alternatively, you might simply set up camp on a grassland, seashore, or roadside.

2) You Can Find Cheap Accommodation In Hostels

Another choice for tourists on a tight budget is hostels. Hostels provide basic amenities and dormitory-style accommodations. Many individuals view hostels as “young things” and are unwilling to stay in dorm rooms.

However, some hostels offer modest rooms, singles, or doubles that are available for lone travelers or couples, which visitors are frequently unaware of. As young individuals demand more convenience, various hostels have more facilities than hotels and are extremely neat. Additionally, they have WIFI, work desks, pubs, curtains, cupboards for your belongings, spacious toilets, and more.

3) A campervan Can Be Rented Or Purchased.

A well-liked alternative on how to find cheap accommodations for those looking to travel around Europe, Australia, or New Zealand is to rent a campervan. You can rent a van at a much lower cost than renting a house or buy a used van for a bargain. If you split the cost with a relative, buddy or spouse, the total cost will be lower.

4) Place A Room Bid.

The game of bidding for a room might be enjoyable to engage in if you want to gamble. On a few hotel reservation websites, you can place a room bid. This is a technique to get cheap accommodation if you’re ready to invest some time in learning the right approach to going about bidding for rooms.

Booking a “mystery room” is another way for daring visitors to save money on lodging. With this choice, you’ll be aware of the hotel’s facilities and the area the room is in; but you can’t say exactly where you’ll be sleeping till the reservation is finalized.

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5) Participate In A Hotel Reward Scheme

Joining a hotel rewards program may be another way to earn reward points. The majority of these loyalty programs do not only give members the chance to accumulate points that can be exchanged for cheap accommodations, but also give members bonuses while they are traveling, such as free Wi-Fi or an upgrade option to a nicer grade of hotel.

6) Engage In More Hospitality Exchanges

Spending the night with a resident is one of the finest techniques to get cheap accommodation. Staying with a resident will provide you with a home to stay for nothing or almost nothing in most cases.

7) Social Media Platforms and Couch Surfing.

Nowadays, you can follow a social media platform and look for accommodations overseas using the internet. You can sign up on well-known services like Couchsurfing and Hospitality Club, establish connections, get in touch with people, and then find hosts abroad.

Whether you are traveling alone, with friends, or in a relationship, there are many social media platforms where you can get new connections and get accommodations from your host abroad.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Can I Sleep On  A Cheap?

Till date, travelers still find good places to sleep without breaking their bank. Some of the places you can sleep on a cheap when on a foreign or domestic trip are homes of friends or relatives, homes from sites like Airbnb, hotels, hostels, guest house, etc.

How To Get Free Accommodations?

When going on international trips for either vacations or business, the cost of getting accommodations, most times takes a wholesome part of the travel budget. Knowing how to get free accommodation is something you should take into consideration. You can get free accommodation through:

  • Offering services for voluntarily organizations
  • Working in a hostel
  • Camping
  • House sitting
  • Home exchange
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How To Get Cheap Hotel Rooms

There are different hacks you can employ to get cheap hotel rooms while travelling:

  • Book rooms directly form hotel website
  • Make use of auctions to get cheap rooms for something in exchange
  • Use discount or promo codes when booking
  • Buy someone else’s reservation if they put it up for sale

Is Lodging In An Hotel Cheaper Than Renting An Apartment?

Well, it would always be advisable to rent an apartment from websites like Airbnb as they offer affordable apartments rather than staying in an hotel. If you want to spend a month at your destination, you would be spending an average of 130$ and the 30 days total amount can be over $4000. That’s pretty expensive. So the answer is renting an apartment is cheaper and more affordable that staying in an hotel


Trips to your favorite destination for vacation or to close a business deal becomes easy when you won’t need to spend almost all the budget on accommodation expenses. After reading this article, you should have enough idea on how to save more accommodation for your next trip. Enjoy.

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