France Visa Application | Visa Requirements And How To Apply |

France visa application

France Visa Application | Visa Requirements And How To Apply |

The most crucial part of applying for France visa is gathering the necessary documents and knowing how to submit your application the right way. This page will help you have access to the needed information to submit your France visa application online. The required documents form the central part of the application. Your application will be  granted solely depending on these documents and a successful interview with the French Immigration authority.


When you apply for a French Visa, regardless of the reason for your trip, it is necessary to meet all requirements. This article provides all information that is required for the application for a France visa.

France Visa Requirements

The documents you must bring to present when applying for a France visa are:

  • Your valid passport: Before applying, you must check the validity of your passport and the date it was issued. It should be valid for the last ten years and be valid for at least three months following the conclusion of your stay in France. The passport should have at minimum two blank pages to allow you to place the visa stamp on it.
  • Copies of old visas: If you’ve had a visa for any country, provide copies of the visas.
  • France Visa Application Form: Make sure you fill out the form correctly, as there are two kinds of France visa application forms: one for short-term stays and the other for an extended stay.
  • Complete Visa Itinerary: An outline of all the activities you plan to do in France. Including supporting documents, such as a Round Trip flight, a railway ticket, or a copy of an organized tour you have booked.
  • Passport Photos: You must provide two photographs along with your other documents. They should not be older than three months and should be taken per the Schengen Visa Photo Requirements.
  • A proof of your financial capabilities: The French authorities are interested in knowing how you plan to cater for yourself while living in France. It is another reason you must present the following documents which apply to your particular situation to satisfy this obligation:
    • Recently released bank statement.
    • An employment contract that outlines your salary if you are living in France.
    • Rent income from a rental property.
    • Retirement benefit plan.
  • Statement of sponsorship: A written statement from a sponsor stating the willingness to pay part or all your bills during your stay in France. You’re to attach documents that prove you have in possession funds from the sponsor (i.e., bank statements from the last ninety days and others).
  • Visa Fees: Evidence of payment of France fees for visas.
  • Medical Insurance: You’ll need to show a proof of medical insurance covering any health issue you may encountered in France. It should not only cover France, however but also the entire territory.
  • Criminal Record: Criminal record certificate from the country of residence – indicating that the applicant has not been charged for any crime cases
  • Accommodation: Proof of accommodation in France providing proof of where you’ll spend your time in France.
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If the person applying for the visa is a minor, the following documents must be submitted:

  • Birth certificate.
  • Form of application that both parents or guardians sign.
  • Valid copies of IDs or passports of parents or guardians.
  • Court order in situations where one of the parents is in complete control of the child.
  • Both parents or guardians sign a certified parental consent for travel in France if the minor travels alone or with another person.

How To Apply

STEP 1: Gather the necessary application requirements (as previously mentioned above)

STEP 2:  Set up my online application at www.france-visas.gouv

STEP 3: Book your appointment – It is essential to show up at the appointment with all necessary documents. Bring copies of every document, including the passport and ID pages.

STEP 4: Submit your file at the center for visa applications. You must Apply in person.

STEP 5: Track your application – You can monitor the progress of your application. For details, visit this page

The France Immigration service will notify you once your passport is available to be collected at the center where you submitted your application.

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