Things To Know Before Traveling To Canada in 2022 – 5 Essential Tips

Things To Know Before Traveling To Canada

Things To Know Before Traveling To Canada in 2022 – 5 Essential Tips

Are you thinking of moving or traveling to Canada? With its bustling cities, warm temperatures, and stunning parklands, how would anybody not want to explore all what Canada offers? But, before you begin planning your excursion to Canada, there are some things to know before traveling to Canada.

5 Things to Know Before Traveling to Canada

1) Canada is a Big Country!

In reality, Canada is the second-largest nation worldwide second only to Russia. When you do visit Canada, do not expect to be able to explore all of the countries in only two weeks which is an important reason you have ideas of things to know before traveling to Canada.

Canada is vast, and moving between cities to the next requires travel for long distances.

Suppose you are only given the time for a short period. In that case, you should consider choosing one or two provinces within Canada and paying attention to the many things to discover there.

Make sure you double-check the distances when you book accommodation in a hotel or another that appears to be near major attractions or a train or bus station.

2) Canadian Citizens are Polite and Respectful

The polite nature of Canadians is part of things to know before traveling to Canada. The citizens of Canada are known for their respect. They are generally very polite in public. Any behavior that is deemed “disruptive” or “offensive” is considered to be a problem.

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In line, making an issue and causing trouble, catcalling, loitering, littering, drinking when you’re out in public… be careful not to do it anywhere, certainly not in a place like Canada!

Canadians are well-known as being tolerant and non-confrontational. Some might seem cautious and apologize, even if there’s no reason to apologize!

3) Customer Service is Fantastic

Like the USA, Canada is a consumer society, meaning the consumer is usually the king.

Most shops remain open all week and close in the evening. Restaurants cater to all food preferences, and waitpersons are helpful and courteous.

There is a toll-free number to contact customer service representatives. Whatever service you require will generally perform just fine.

4.) Canada Has Two Official Languages

Another list of things to know before traveling To Canada is that majority of Canadians use English as their primary language. However, French Canada’s 2nd official language is the primary spoken language of roughly 20 percent of the Canadian people.

In addition, with Canada as a multicultural society, there are a variety of levels of competence in these languages, various accents, and a variety of additional languages. French is the most spoken native language in Canada’s province of Quebec.

However, the Quebecois accent and slang are pretty different from the Parisian French that you might have been taught in school.

5) Legal Drinking Age

Based on the province, it is legal to drink in Canada when you’re 18 and above and this is a very important part of the things to know before traveling to Canada so you don’t get presecuted.

The drinking age is also applicable to purchasing alcohol and beer. Most of Canada is only available at designated alcohol and beverage stores, not at convenience or grocery stores.

Since the drink-drive limit in Canada is less than that in the USA, you’ll find many young Americans right across the border, looking for an event.

There you have five essential things to know before traveling to Canada.

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We hope you’ve learned crucial information before your journey to Canada. Enjoy your visit to Canada, one of the world’s most stunning cities. Don’t forget to drop your comment or subscribe below and we would inform you when we make our next article for FREE.

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