6 Important Tips For First Time Flyers

first time flyers

6 Important Tips For First Time Flyers

It’s normal to be thrilled, nervous, or both on an airplane for the first or the first time in years. Although being a passenger on a plane doesn’t come with a lot of stress when you have the right guide at your disposal as a first-time flyer.


6 Top Tips For First-Time Flyers

1) Arrive Two Hours Before Departure Time And Prepare To Wait In the Queue

Give yourself enough time to complete the airport procedures by arriving early. This is crucial when you need to check in at the airport or drop off your checked baggage. It can take from about 10 to 15 minutes. It could take longer at other times, particularly during busy seasons

The process of boarding a plane isn’t the same as getting a bus. It’s more time-consuming. The Transport Security Administration (TSA) suggests arriving for a minimum of two hours before departure for domestic flights and three hours when it comes to international flights.

Airport activities can be unpredictable. It is impossible to know how busy they are or the time it will take to pass through security and other checkpoints. If you’re at the airport for the first time, you may like to take some time at it, do some shopping, or even grab a bite to consume.

If you’re making a check-in to the airport or have luggage to check-in as well, you’ll have to arrive as early as possible. The check-in counters usually open between 2-4 hours before the departure time of flights (Depending on the airline and destinations you’re traveling between).

2.) Keep your travel documents, passport, and travel papers.

Some travel documents aren’t necessary, but if you do not carry your ID card, passport, or valid visa, you will be refused access to the airport or entry into the country you’re traveling to. Make sure you have your driver’s license, or passport with you, as you’ll require them for checking your bags or going through the security posts as you do not want to be delayed.

If you’re at the airport, ensure your flight’s PNR number is ready for the agent at check-in. If you used the internet to book your flight, ensure you have your boarding passes printed or saved to your smartphone.

Check and make sure all your travel documents are in intact before and during your travels to ensure you’ve not lost them.

3.) Wear Comfortable Clothing And Shoes That Are Easy To Take Off 

The process of passing the security at the airport could become more stressful for people who are first-time flyers

You’ll be asked to:

  • Remove all shoes (unless you’re younger than 12 or older than 75)
  • Take out the contents of your bag and pockets, and take off your belt, hat, wallet, jacket, and any large jewelry items.
  • Take your laptop and any liquids from your bag.
  • Go through metal detectors or a body scanner (or choose pat-downs)

If you’re planning to meet someone on arrival, carry a new outfit in your carry-on baggage and change your clothes at the airport once you take off.

4) Know The Airline Luggage Requirements:

Before you travel, check your airline’s website to know the requirements for luggage sizes, weight limits, and baggage charges.

Here are the minimum requirements for flights check-in:

  • Two carry-ons are at no cost: one large carry-on that is the size of a rolling suitcase or smaller and one personal item, like bags or purses.
  • A suitcase (smaller than 50 pounds) costs between $25 and $30. Additional bags checked could cost more

It’s not a problem to overpack, but it will cost you more if you make the mistake.

5) Come Along With Your Preferable Food 

If you’re a first-time flyer, it’s recommended to carry extra food to ensure you’re safe if you find that what the airline served on the plane isn’t the food you don’t eat. Since being hungry throughout the entire journey isn’t something you prefer to experience.

6) Exchange Currencies Before Departure

Instead of using the exorbitant rates to convert your currency into another one at your airport. We suggest that you prepare for this beforehand.

Enjoy Your Trip

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