USA Visa Application – Requirements And How To Apply |

USA Visa Application

USA Visa Application – Requirements And How To Apply |

USA Visa Application – Complete Visa Requirements and step-by-step tips on how to Apply.

You’ll require a USA visa to enter the US, and applications are made via the internet or by visiting the US Department of State Consular Electronic Application Center.

This article contains the complete list of documents required to apply and submit the USA visa application. It also includes all details about and guidelines needed for the application process. Applicants must submit the application a minimum of three months before their departure date to apply for their US visa.

USA Work Visa Requirements

Based on the US work visa you want to apply for, you could be required to submit the documents below:

  • You must prove that you are qualified (diplomas and certificates)
  • Documentation of professional qualifications (Bachelor’s, Master, Doctorate)
  • Job offer(s) from a US-registered company
  • Resume or CV
  • Letter from former employer(s)
  • State License (if required)
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Required Documents for USA Visa Application

  • Passport
  • The above must be valid for six months beyond the time of residence during the United States
  • Form printout (Nonimmigrant visa application) confirmation page
  • Receipt for payment of application fee (if you are required to pay prior to the interview)
  • Digital Photo
    • The image should have a square ratio (height must be equal to its width) and dimensions of not less than 600x 600 but not greater than 1200 1200 x 1200.
  • Passport Photo:
    • Paper Photo
    • Colored passport photograph and size must be two inches in size
  • Applicants must take photos with plain white or off-white backgrounds.
  • The applicant should dress suitably, and have an expression of neutrality.
  • Eye height should range from 28mm to 35mm at the bottom of the photograph, and measurement from the top of your hair to the lower part of the chin must be between 25mm and 35mm.
  • Documents relevant to your travel
  • Documents of return to your country of residence or an advance ticket for another
  • Travel reasons for visiting the United States
  • Evidence that you are capable of covering the costs of your travel or that someone else will pay specific fees for your journey (only for applicants who are unable to afford the trip on their own)

Note: Be aware that you may be required to provide additional documents for your visa application.

USA Visa Application Costs

Non-refundable USA Visa Application fee for tourist and business visa is approximately N57,680.00 (about 137 dollars). The payment can be made in cash at any GTBank branch or via the internet. The fee also can change at any time the embassy finds it appropriate.

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How To Apply For USA Visa Application

Step 1: Collate the required documents.

Step 2: Complete an application – Complete and submit Form online via . Take the confirmation form and print it out. Please bring it with you to the interview.

Step 3: Pay the fee for visa applications (if the applicant is required to pay prior to an interview).

Step 4: Find the nearest United States consulate, embassy, or diplomatic mission on this site.

Step 5: Select the country you wish to visit, then check for the embassy’s exact location. Fingerprints are taken during the interview. However, it could differ based on the area where you apply.

Step 6: Complete your USA visa application.

Note: Applicants will be informed after the interview if there is a need for additional administrative processes.

Where to Apply:

You can submit the USA visa application on the US Department of State Website. However, you’ll need to personally appear for the visa interview at a consulate or the embassy.

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