The Maldives Visa Requirements | Visa Application Form |

Maldives visa requirements

The Maldives Visa Requirements | Visa Application Form |

The Maldives Visa: Do you worry about a visa for your trip to The Maldives? Traveling to The Maldives does not require hassle because, as a tourist, you can obtain your Maldives visa upon arrival in a matter of minutes after providing the required information!

Imagine the stunning photos, cool weather while you are relaxing on the beach, vibrant culture, and unforgettable memories. All of these and more are the Maldives provide. If you’re one of the people who love relaxing on the beach, scuba diving or eating local food and local food, then the Maldives is the place for you. This comprehensive guide will outline all the different kinds of Maldives visas and how you can apply to get the visa upon arrival.

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Do I Need My Passport To Apply For A Maldives Visa?

Yes. You’ll need the original passport and not a duplicate. The Maldives visa stamps on the passport become part of your passport. Because of how important it is to have your passport, a visa request can’t be processed without the original passport.

When Is The Most Suitable Time To Apply For The Maldives Visa?

The ideal time to request for Maldives visa is at least a couple of months before your departure date. If you’re in a hurry and have a short deadline, you can process your visa through a speedier service at the option of the Embassy.

Types of Maldives Visas

1) Tourist Visa: Maldives tourist visa is granted free of charge upon arrival. It allows one to reside in the Maldives for up to 30 days ( and can be more if the two countries have an agreement or treaty).

You can choose to extend your visa by another 60 days by applying for the extension form and then submitting this form to the Department of Immigration and Emigration. It is recommended that you submit your application at least two working days prior to the expiration date of the validity of the tourist visa.

2) Business Visa: This visa allows you to stay in the Maldives to carry out professional or business activities for up to 90 days.

Maldives Visa Fees

A Tourist Visa to the Maldives is free. If you want to prolong your visit beyond the initial 30 days, the cost will be an additional N17,445.00. The Business Visa cost N 17,457.58.

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Maldives Visa Application Requirements

After arriving at Velana International Airport:

  • Head to the Immigration office.
  • State the reason for your visit.
  • Bring the required documents below.

For all visas:

  • A valid passport that has a minimum of six-month of validity starting from the date that you leave the Maldives.
  • A valid return ticket.
  • The funds you need to pay for the duration of your trip (minimum in the amount of N 36,000.00 plus N 18,000.00 for each day)
  • A confirmed hotel/resort booking
  • Completed Disembarkation/Embarkation Card approved by Maldives Immigration
  • A yellow fever certificate of vaccination

Business visas:

If you are applying for an official business visa, you’ll require a passport. In proving your identity, your details must match the information provided to your employer.

  • Copy of your diploma or other qualifications
  • The local business or the party with whom you do business will have to provide the visa.
  • The local business must obtain permission from the Maldivian Government
  • Once the company has been approved, it must then submit the form for a business visa for approval to Airport Immigration at least 1 hour prior to the time of your arrival
  • At the time of your arrival at the airport, inform the staff that you’re there for business purposes and show your passport so that the information you supply is in line with the business visa form your sponsor has provided.

How To Apply

Check out the official website for the Maldives Immigration Board via to fill out the application form for your visa.

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