Seychelles Visa Application | Visa Requirements And How To Apply |

seychelles visa application

Seychelles Visa Application | Visa Requirements And How To Apply |

Brief Summary Of Seychelles Visa

Seychelles located in East Africa, is an island that homes over 115 islands. It is famous for its gorgeous beaches and nature reserves. Seychelles is also popularly known for its massive Aldabra tortoises. On this page, we would be taking you on a journey on how to apply for Seychelles Visa to visit one of the most amazing places on earth.


La Digue is the most frequently place visited by tourists from all over the world because it has the gorgeous sandy beach at Anse Source d’Agent and Veuve reserve. If you’re looking to travel to La Digue for your honeymoon, North Island is the destination for you. However the nature reserve in Vallee de Mai cannot be overlooked by visitors.

If you’re a nature lover and are looking to catch tortoises, Curieuse Island is a must visit for you. There are a variety of adventures to take part in, including snorkeling and fly fishing for which you’ll need go toward Desroches Island and Anse Lazio in particular.

Seychelles should be a must-visit by you, if you consider yourself a traveler or someone who loves nature’s finest views.

Do Seychelles Require Visa Before Entry?

Visas are not required to enter Seychelles. The most appealing thing of Seychelles is that the country grants the visa-free entry for all visitors for 30 days max, which makes it much easier to travel to unlike other countries such as Canada, Australia, Dubai, Etc.

Are Vaccinations Required To Entry Into Seychelles?

Currently, there aren’t any mandatory vaccinations for entry into Seychelles apart from visitors from areas with yellow fever cases. In these cases an official certificate of yellow fever vaccination is required.

Seychelles Student Visa Eligibility

The requirements listed below must be met to be granted a student visa in Seychelles:

  • The letter of approval needs to be submitted to prove that the applicant has been awarded the opportunity to participate in full-time studies at a recognized educational institution.
  • Candidates should be able to show proof of being financially capable to sustain themselves within the country.
  • Proof of course fees full paid.
  • A documented proof of medical insurance is required.
  • The candidate must have a clear intent to return to their home country after the completion of their studies.
  • If your visa is accepted you can apply at one of the Embassies and Consulates of Seychelles within your environs and provide the following documents:
    • Authorization from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (eg. Visa Authorization Number)
    • Birth Certificate
    • A high school diploma or any other academic achievements
    • Medical result from an accredited medical center that confirms you are not suffering from any infectious diseases. The report shouldn’t be over the last three months.
    • Police clearance given within the past six months
    • If you are younger than the age of 18: You must have permission to travel obtained from the parent(s) or legal guardian(s).
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Seychelles is not a country with a strict visa policy. It only permits visa-free access to a few neighbors. Once you’ve completed your application form, you need to wait for about seven days or more until the application is completed. Although it might take more time depending on the Embassy or Consulate. Once your application is completed, you are able to get your visa during the time of slated for visa pickup.

How To Apply For Seychelles Visa On Arrival

To apply for visa upon arrival for Seychelles, follow the steps below:

An entry permit is issued upon the arrival date for a stay of between 90 and 120 days. The person traveling must:

  • You must have a passport valid for up to six months from the date of entry and only one blank visa page
  • Have proof of funds.
  • Keep proof of flight tickets (onward or return flight tickets).
  • Keep documents that contains and documents the reason for travel.
  • Make sure to keep all the necessary documents for the destination you are planning to visit.

Important: Check with the airline you’re flying with if passengers will be allowed to board without a visa, as these rules are subject to changes

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