Italy Visa Application Form | Download Here | How Apply For Italy Visa

Italy visa

Italy Visa Application Form | Download Here | How Apply For Italy Visa

Italy Visa: If you’re planning to travel to Italy, either for a short or long stay, for visitation, holiday, business or to study, you must apply for an Italian Visa. Although, since Italy is part of the Schengen area, if your home country is part of the Schengen areas or EU/EEA, you can fly into Italy without visa and stay up to 3 months.

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Applying for an Italian visa is not hard work if you know the Italy visa requirements set by the Italian  government and how to apply the right way. Here on this page, we will give a detailed information about all the requirements needed to apply successfully for Italy Visa.

What Are The requirements To Apply For Italy Visa?

Travelers that are not from Switzerland, EU/EEA or Schengen area, must meet certain criteria before they can apply for Italy visa. For instance, if you’re traveling to Italy for business purpose, you must provide documents that supports and prove you’re truly traveling for business and also a letter from your host, amongst other documents.

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The visa requirement may be different for each country, but there is a general visa requirement. Although, during the process of application, you might be required to provide more documents. Below are the standard requirements needed to apply for an Italian visa:

  • Italian visa application form: Download, fill and then print the form. Put in your signature at the end after you print it. All the information on the forms must tally with all other of your documents to be used for the visa application.
  • One passport photo: The photograph must have been taken within the last six months and must comply with the Italy visa passport photo requirements.
  • Valid passport: Your passport must be valid for at least 3 months and must have 2 or more blank pages.
  • Residential Permit: Your residence permit is required if you’re not a citizen of where you’re applying from.
  • Proof of accommodation: Hotel reservation or proof of accommodation by host.
  • Flight Ticket: Proof of flight return ticket or itinerary.
  • Insurance: Travel visa insurance.
  • Proof of enough funds: You must prove that you have sufficient funds means to cater for yourself throughout your stay in Italy.
  • Civil status: This can be birth certificate, marriage certificate, etc. These documents validity must be less than six months.
  • A personal letter: This letter must contain full details of your trip to Italy like why you’re applying for Italy Visa, how long you plan to stay, if you plan to extend your stay, etc.
  • Document verification: Mark the documents you’ve submitted and add the document you check listed to your application file. You can get the checklist from the Italian Embassy.
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How To Apply For Italy Visa

1) Download the application. Click Here To Download

2) Select which Italian visa type you want to apply for.

3) Printout the form, fill and append your signature on the printout.

4) Get all the visa requirements as explained above.

5) Book an appointment with the Italian embassy or registered visa office in your home country. Attend the interview well prepared with all application requirements.

6) Wait for the embassy to process your visa application which usually takes between 10 – 30 days on normal circumstances

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Cost For Italy Visa?

Italy visa cost between 50usd for children in the age bracket of 6-12 and 96usd for adult. Holders of service or diplomatic passport or children below the age of 6 doesn’t need tp pay for visa.

Is Italy Tourist Visa Now Open?

Tourist can now travel to Italy without any restrictions. Test of requirements for COVID test results are not more mandatory for entry into Italy.

Is Interview mandatory for Italy Visa?

Applicants for Italy visa are required to book and attend a physical meeting at the visa offices at their home country. If this is required, you will be notified by the Italy embassy in due course.

How Much Financial Balance Is Required For Italy Visa

The required account balance for Italy visa depends on the longevity of your stay in Italy. For a trip of 10-20 days, you’re required to have at least $610.


Getting your visa approved becomes easy when you know the right documents to have and how to apply. To avoid visa refusal, make sure you get all the Italy visa requirements ready, apply through the right channel and get your visa approved without hassles.

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