What To Do After UK Visa Refusal | How To Re-apply For UK Visa

Re-apply For UK Visa

What To Do After UK Visa Refusal | How To Re-apply For UK Visa

Experiencing a UK Visa refusal can be very disappointing for the applicant, sponsor and, sometimes, the whole family involved. Most times, the reason is not a secret; people tend to ignore the established rules and requirements of applying for a visa and then question why their application was rejected. Visa rejection can come with a lot of frustration especially reading the letter that ends with “Any subsequent UK visa applications you make will be considered on merit of applicants, however your application might be rejected if the situation of your application doesn’t change.”


Fresh applications need to be very careful and well prepared. On this page, we will dwell our focus on what the possible reasons for rejection and what you can do after a refusal.

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Am I Allowed To Apply For A UK Visa After Refusal?

A UK visa refusal does not mean that you are banned for life from re-applying. What you should do is read the rejection letter carefully and find out the reason why your visa application has been refused. However, if you’re caught and found guilty of providing false information or have done anything else to mislead the authorities during your application, you will be banned from entering the UK for up to 10 years. This measure applies only in serious cases.

Although there’s no limit to the number of times you can re-apply for visa after rejection, but you will have to pay a new fee for re-application.

What Are The Possible Reasons For A UK Visa Refusal

Nobody wants a visa refusal. But there are various reasons that result to visa application being rejected. Some of the reasons can be that the applicant doesn’t have enough funds to cover stay in the UK or hasn’t provided enough proof to backup claim of funds, applicant has not submitted all required documents, or submitted incorrect documents, submitting false documents, etc.

Some of the reasons for UK Visa refusal are:

1) Lack of Evidence To Support The Provided Information

You must know how and what to include in your application. If you say a lot, always back it up with clear proofs. As an applicant, you should know that every information you provide, must have a proof to back it up so the visa official doesn’t take them as unclear or misleading.

2) Financial Inability

The UK immigration service are aware of the different measures used by illegal migrants that are looking for a way into the UK in search of greener pastures. Visa officers want to know the work you do, if you’re self employed or vice versa, and the amount you earn per month. They want to know you’re capable of covering all cost on the trip.

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3) Providing Wrong Or Contradicting Information On Visa Application

A popular reason for UK Visa refusal is providing or submitting wrong and inaccurate details on your application form. For example, filling wrong or contradicting personal details, wrong health status, fake documents, etc. So when applying or re applying for your UK Visa, make sure you provide accurate details and confirm each section of the form before submitting.

4) Wrong Application

Providing reasons that doesn’t portray the real reason for applying for a visa is a very common reason for refusal of a UK visa. You can also get yourself into such trouble by applying through an unprofessional or unregistered travel agency. For example, you might not know the difference between visas and if you need to go to the UK for a short training, and you make a mistake to apply for a standard visitor visa, you will be denied the visa application once you’re caught.

What To Do If My UK Visa Application Has Been Rejected

If the response you get after submitting your visa application is “We regret to inform you that you’ve been found ineligible for a visa at this time”, don’t get frustrated or give up. As we have already said above, if you experience UK visa refusal, you have some options you can go for in order to correct your mistakes and go again.

If your UK Visa has just been rejected, you can re apply, appeal or request a review. Although not all cases can be allowed to request a review. So once you’ve gotten a mail for the UK embassy, go through the reasons stated for the refusal, make corrections and re apply. You can find how to re apply here.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Long o I Have To Wait to Re-apply After Visa Refusal

After your initial application, usually, response comes within 30 days and it would state if you can re apply immediately. Some visa refusal cases would state you can’t re apply during a specified period of time(This is for only tough cases). Aside special cases, you can correct the mistakes stated in the letter and re-apply immediately.

How Can Someone Avoid UK Visa Refusal

The ways to avoid a visa refusal is not far fetched. All you must do is provide accurate information and not try to be dubious in your application. Try provide correct personal information, proof of funds, clear intent of travel, valid documents, etc.

Does the UK Embassy Stamp Passport After Refusal

No, they don’t put a stamp on your passport after visa refusal. All you get is a letter containing comprehensive details on why your visa has been rejected.

How Do I Get Informed If My Visa Has Been Granted Or Rejected

The UK embassy or immigration service communicates to you via text message, email or letter, stating the status of your visa application, either it has been accepted or refused. But typically, it comes in form of a letter on paper or email.

We hope you now know what can causes your visa to be rejected and the right steps to take when re applying for a UK Visa refusal. Try not to make the same mistake again so you don’t keep paying application fees .

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